For Developers

The LAPPS Grid project releases software components to simplify deployment of services and datasources to the LAPPS service grid.  Source code is released on GitHub (see and Java binaries (jar files) are uploaded to the ANC’s Nexus repository (see


The Lapps Grid API is a set of Java components that simplify the development of Lapps Grid services and clients in JVM based languages.  The API consists of the following components:


The LAPPS Database Definition Language (LDDL) is a Groovy DSL (Domain Specific Language) that greatly simplifies the process of setting up and initializing a PostgreSQL database with the metadata, attributes, and service definitions required for a fully functioning node on the LAPPS service grid. In particular LDDL is meant to simplify unit and integration testing where a fully configured database is required but the production database should not be touched or modified. LDDL also makes it easier to assure that all nodes in a grid are using the same metadata, types, and resource definitions. See LDDL for more information.

Lapps Services DSL

The LAPPS Services DSL (LSD) is a Domain Specific Language used to script services on the LAPPS grid. LSD bundles all of the Lapps Grid API modules, plus several other handy packages, so users can start invoking Lapps services without downloading dependencies, setting up a build environment, or compiling any code.

LSD is based on Groovy and knowledge of Groovy and/or Java is recommended but not required. More information on Groovy can be found at the Groovy home page or the Wikipedia article on Groovy.

See  the  LSD Wiki for more information.